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Installing / uninstalling a smart plug

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Common Error Messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I unsubscribe before the minimum subscription period of 36 months?
  2. Do I need to leave my Smarter Home Hub and broadband router on at all times?
  3. Can I add other Smart devices (Zwave) I buy to the Smarter Home Hub supplied by Electric Ireland?
  4. Why is my bill different to what the Smarter Home app forecast?
  5. Where can I find my Smarter Home Hub serial number?
  6. How many users can access the Smarter Home app?
  7. What is a kWh?
  8. How do I change my email & password in the Smarter Home app?
  9. How is my consumption and cost being calculated?
  10. How is my service charge calculated?
  11. What does ‘€/hour’ amount on my ‘Your home’ screen mean?
  12. How do I set a budget for my electricity usage?
  13. How do I get my weekly usage notifications?
  14. How is my suggested weekly budget calculated?
  15. How is my estimated bill calculated?
  16. What do the red and green figures and arrows represent on my ‘Cost summary’ and ‘Usage summary’ tables?
  17. What does the cost bar above my usage graph indicate?
  18. What does the smart plug screen show me?
  19. How can I name or rename my smart plug?
  20. My smart plugs are called 1 & 2- how do I know which smart plug is which on my home screen?
  21. Can I customise which smart devices are shown on my home screen?
  22. How do I set up my smart plug Timer Actions?
  23. What's the difference between On, Off, and Timer mode on the smart plugs?
  24. What do I do if my Timer Actions are not working?
  25. Why isn't the 'Add Another Action' button appearing for me?
  26. How do the Smarter Home devices transmit information?
  27. What are the sun, moon and lightning symbols used in the graphs in the Smarter Home app?