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Pay As You Go Gas

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Guide to PAYG Gas

Guide to using PAYG Gas meter

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Using a Pay As You Go Electricity meter

If you are trying to top up your Pay As You Go Electricity Meter you can do so online, or view other ways to top up your meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Emergency Credit” & what if it runs out?

When you silence the warning beep by pressing a button on the keypad, and after you have used up any remaining credit on your meter, you’ll automatically receive €20 emergency credit on your meter.

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What happens if my emergency credit is low ?

If the credit on your meter runs low, you’ll be offered €20 emergency credit.

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If I sign up to Pay As You Go electricity, will I still receive my Free Electricity Allowance?

Yes, if you are an existing customer currently on FEA and switch to a Pay As You Go meter, your FEA will continue on as normal and will be shown in your bi-monthly bill.

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Pay As You Go Electricity Frequently Asked Questions

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