Top Alternative Festival Hacks for Electric Picnic


Everyone has festivals tips, so we’ve asked around the office for the best tips and here’s what we came up with.




1. Bring a yoga mat

It’s softer than sleeping on the bumpy ground and cheaper than a camping mat.

2. Freeze water bottles

Freeze water bottles to keep food and drinks cool (an it’s nice to have cool water too).







3. Bring tissues

If you bring toilet paper there is a chance that it could get wet, so bring a packet of pocket tissues (let’s face it, it’s a lot more discrete heading to the bathroom with a big wad of toilet paper). 






4. Bring a scarf for your tent

You can bet that you won’t have the only blue and navy tent at the festival, so bring a scarf to tie to the top so you can find it easily.




5. This trolley is a gem

Cheaper and easier to fit into a car than a wheelbarrow, this trolley is an absolute gem. It’s available in Ikea for €11 and if you bring a few bicycle bungees to secure things, you can fit a lot on it. 







6. Plan the Picnic is a free printable timetable for festivals and events, so you can plan your Picnic and not miss your favourite acts.

7. Don’t put your mobile phone in your pocket

We all know someone who lost their phone to a portaloo, don’t be that guy/girl…