The top 5 immersion tips (your mammy never told you)

Elderly woman smiling at camera

Practically every Irish mammy has been known to go on a rant about leaving the immersion on at some stage. It is the number one energy guzzler in the home, so they do have good reason to. In this blog we hope to debunk some of the immersion myths and we give our top 5 immersion tips to help you save money.

1. Switch on as required

This topic comes up in discussion forums all the time, but it is not cheaper to leave the immersion on all of the time, rather than to switch it on and off as required. Even with a good lagging jacket, the cylinder will lose heat and cost more to reheat the water to the optimum temperature. So only switch on the immersion as required.

2. Fit a time switch

We would recommend fitting a time switch, that way if you can set it to come on for a certain period, you only use what you need and perhaps most importantly you won’t leave the immersion on :) They cost around €45 and are well worth the investment, considering the average household spends around €40 per month in immersion costs. 

3. Switch it to sink

Heating a full (bath switch) average cylinder of water costs about € 1.40. If you heat it with the sink switch it costs/uses about one third of a cylinder = € 0.47.

4. Fit a good lagging jacket

Fit a good quality lagging jacket and it will save you between €20-€30 per year in energy costs (not a bad investment for around €18). 

5. Consider a NightSaver meter

If you heat water with an electric immersion element only, you should consider installing NightSaver electricity and heat the water during off peak hours (night saver meters are free to install, but will cost you money if you decide to revert to a regular meter).