The Real Journey from Darkness Into Light Begins at the Finish Line

On May 6th, more than 150,000 people, in over 150 locations around the globe, woke up and walked from Darkness Into Light with Pieta House, proudly supported by Electric Ireland.

However, the real journey from Darkness Into Light begins at the finish line. To help you on this journey, the Clinical Directors of Pieta House have created ‘The Essentials of Empathy’. These are five simple actions that can help you be more compassionate towards the people in your life and make for a happier, healthier Ireland.

The Essentials of Empathy

Slow Down and Check In
1. Slow Down and Check In
In a fast-paced world, we need to slow down, take a breath and check in with ourselves and those around us.

Listen and Connect
2. Listen and Connect
Listening is about more than just being present. Put down your phone and connect in real life through daily activities. Go for a walk or have a cup of tea together. 

Ask Questions, Even The Hard Ones
3. Ask Questions, Even The Hard Ones
Sometimes, asking how someone is really feeling can be a tough question, but it’s the best way to start a conversation.

Empathise and Be Understanding
4. Empathise and Be Understanding
Passing remarks can have big impacts. By being more understanding, and seeing things from others’ points of view, we can help to make everyone feel more accepted.

Be generous with your kindness
5. Be Generous With Your Kindness
Small acts of kindness can make someone’s day - it is a gift that we can all give, and something we should give whenever and wherever we can.


Electric Ireland and Pieta House are calling on everyone to consider Darkness Into Light as more than just one day - ‘The Essentials of Empathy’ need to live with us as part of every day, to ensure everyone supports and treats each other in the best possible way.

Electric Ireland are proud supporter of Darkness Into Light.