The Hot Water Bottle Versus The Electric Blanket

Electric blanket imageVersus symbolHot water bottleIt's March (nearly April) and it's snowing. Considering this time last year we were slapping on the sunscreen, we thought we would be long done with the electric blanket by now. We're not, so in the spirit of being energy smart during this cold spell, we thought we do a little test to see which uses more electricity - the electric blanket or the hot water bottle...?

One hot water bottle (boiling one full kettle) roughly costs the same as an electric blanket switched on for 3.5 hours. So, say there are 200 ‘winter’ days in the year (unless winter runs into March!)– then both the bottle and the blanket would cost you €5.60 for the 200 days (if you had your blanket on for only 3.5 hours each night).

Which is cheaper?… well it depends on how much you use them.

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