The cheapest way to heat one room

Slippers in front of warm fire

When you're sitting at home in front of the TV and the heating has been on. You still feel a little nip in the air, but you don't want to turn on the heating for the whole house (or you shouldn't) because it's a bit of a waste- so what do you do? What is the cheapest way to heat one room?

Jim, Electric Ireland's resident energy saving expert

We asked Jim, our resident energy saving expert, and he said the cheapest and safest way to heat one room is with an Electric Fan Heater.

It will cost you on average 19c per hour (or approx. €5.32 per month if you use it for an hour every day) and Jim's top tip to save money is to either set a timer for one hour, or to turn it off when it has done its job.

Jim's top tips

  1. Always buy a heater with a timer and a thermostat (some of the brands available in supermarkets do not have these and although cheaper initially, it will cost you more in energy usage in the long run).
  2. Jim likes Dimplex, not because they're an Irish brand, but because they are the biggest heater manufacturer worldwide and a trusted brand too.
  3.  He also reckons you should haggle to get the best deal (he bought a dishwasher recently in Powercity and got €10 off and free delivery)