Save up to €100 with Electric Ireland by reducing your electricity usage

Power Off & Save Programme

Today we are excited to launch the Power Off & Save programme with Eirgrid. Power Off & Save is a new programme that will reward customers who agree to reduce their energy use when electricity demand is high.

We were selected as their partner of choice to run an 18-month pilot scheme following the announcement of the initiative by EirGrid last November. Paul Stapleton, General Manager, Electric Ireland said on the launch:

“Electric Ireland is providing its residential customers with the chance to be part of a programme to reduce electricity when there is a peak in demand on the grid and as a direct result help reduce CO2 emissions. Many customers on the programme will receive exciting new technology developed as part of Electric Ireland’s Smarter Living trials to help them respond to these calls. This programme will potentially change the future use of electricity.”

Paul also added that “This is an easy way for our customers to help the environment as well as reducing their electricity costs. Another simple idea to make life better for our customers.”


EirGrid Chief Executive Fintan Slye said:

“Electricity demand fluctuates depending on the time, day, or month of the year. Demand can also jump or fall in line with one-off events. A recent example of high demand on the grid was on Monday evening, when Ireland played Sweden in their opening game of Euro 2016. Electricity use dropped dramatically following kick-off, as the country settled down in front of the television and stopped using electric showers, appliances and lights in other rooms.”

This is only an example to demonstrate the peaks and drops in electricity usage, another general example is evening-time peak when people arrive home from work where kettles and cookers are turned at the same time on all around the country.

Electric Ireland will recruit up to 1,500 customers from our existing Smarter Living Panel to take part in the programme over the next 18 months. Those who sign up will be asked to turn off unnecessary appliances for 30 minutes in their home on ten occasions over the duration of the programme. Customers will be rewarded with up to €100 over the course of the programme, based on the level of their participation.

This is a simple way to help the environment as well as reducing your bill. You can find out here about taking part in this programme here.