Save €150 On Your Electricity Bill

Bulb with earth, sky and land inside
There are some things that are a hard slog to save money, like driving to the cheapest petrol station only to discover that you've wasted the same money on petrol getting there as you would have saved. Fortunately there are easier and more effective ways of saving money and changing your light bulbs is one of them.

The average house has 11 light bulbs (including lamps). If you replace 40watt with an energy saving CFL ‘A’ rated bulb, you would save €143.88 in one year.

If every household in Ireland took the same energy saving steps:

Cartoon light bulb with euro sign withinIt would save €238,588,002 in energy costs.

Cartoon car It would be like taking 136,082 cars off the road.

Cartoon cloud with CO2 writing It would equal the CO2 emissions from the electricity use of 97,783 homes for one year.