Online Account and Paperless

Fed up with a drawer full of utility bills? They clutter your home and they’re not environmentally friendly. It’s time take your account online.   

By switching to paperless billing, we can contribute significantly to reducing our impact on the environment. If every Electric Ireland customer switched to paperless, it would have the same carbon impact as taking 296 cars off the road for a year or powering 128 homes for a year.  

What are the other benefits? 


Extra discount on your bill: Existing customers who register for online billing get a 0.5% discount on their bill. 

It’s better for the environment: Paperless billing as the name suggests means there's no paper bill. Less paper means less deforestation and less clutter around the house since your bills will all be online.  

Online Account 
paperless online account

You can track your energy usage: You can see your usage and adapt your lifestyle accordingly. 

You have round-the-clock access: You can access you bill any time, anywhere, 365 days a year. And you’ll never mislay a bill.  

You can make online payments: No banks or post office or cumbersome cheques – you can simply log in to your account and pay. 

You can take charge of your meter reading: You can send your own accurate meter readings directly to Electric Ireland, rather than depend on ‘estimates’. 

It’s secure and easy to use: It’s very simple to log on and your account is password protected. 

For businesses too: 
Just like homeowners businesses can switch to  paperless billing and the benefits of managing their account online. By going online businesses also can compare their energy usage with similar businesses and identify energy savings which are good for the company accounts and the environment.  

How can I switch to paperless billing? 

It’s easy to do your part to reduce the global consumption of paper while enjoying the benefits of your online account. Make the switch with just one click.