The Road to a Friend’s House is Never Long

Surprise and Delight Winners Eleanor And Clare

Friends you can depend on

Eleanor and Clare have been friends since college and have shared all the honest and sometimes hard truths of life together. When Eleanor lost both her parents, within 18 months of each other, Clare was a constant support to her, regularly making the journey from Kilrush to Navan to be by her side. Clare has been a support to Eleanor through thick and thin and is someone she can always depend on. As the years went on nothing could ever separate them apart, when Eleanor moved to Dubai, it wasn’t long before Clare was over to visit for a girlie holiday.

Next generation friendship

Eleanor and Clare’s daughters have now started a friendship that both women believe is well on its way to following on the same path as theirs. Their daughters share the same interests and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. In fact, when Eleanor initially moved home from Dubai, her daughter was yearning for an Irish accent and wanted to speak just like Clare’s daughter spoke!

Surprise and Delight Winners Eleanor And Clare-2 Daughters

The prize

Eleanor and Clare’s friendship is one cemented  in trust, empathy and loyalty. This is something that we strongly value in Electric Ireland. Eleanor entered our competition to reward Clare for her many years of friendship and Electric Ireland have arranged for Eleanor and Clare to enjoy a spa weekend away together. However, Electric Ireland want all of our customers to feel appreciated for their loyalty so we are offering them the best long term savings in the market. For more information and details on how to sign in and save see the link here.