A Hero with the Homeless

 Surprise And Delight Winners Susan And Sue


Susan first met Sue and her husband Kevin a number of years back at a fundraising campaign called “Home for Rome”. They were all inspired by a young man from Kerry called Donal Walsh and his attitude to life despite battling cancer. As part of this campaign Kevin cycled to Rome with the “Home to Rome” campaign to deliver a scroll with Donal’s messages to the Pope.

Jacket off your back

After this challenge Sue and Kevin decided to direct their attention to helping  the homeless. They came up with the “Jacket Off Your Back” campaign which provides the homeless with  not only jackets but sleeping bags, sanitary items and an entire outfit from head to toe. According to Susan, Sue would always be first in and last out of the charity’s headquarters in Carlow, working tirelessly with the other volunteers to try brighten up the lives of the less fortunate.

The Jacket Off Your Back Campaign also collects clothes for Syrian refugee camps. Susan remarked on how Sue would spend hours upon hours sorting these clothes and packing them neatly to make sure there were happy faces at the other side.

Surprise And Delight Winner Sue

The prize

Electric Ireland are on a mission to brighten up our customers’ lives. Sue and Kevin’s friend Susan nominated them to be rewarded for being completely selfless and giving up their time for others. Susan describes Sue as someone “with a big heart who never seeks anything in return”. We think stories of incredible generosity  like this deserve to be rewarded so we have arranged to send them on a trip to a hotel and spa. However, Electric Ireland want all of our customers to feel appreciated for their loyalty so we are offering them the best long term savings in the market. For more information and details on how to sign in and save see the link here.