55 Years In Love

Surprise and Delight Winners Pat and Ann Beach 

A story a long time in the making

There was an instant spark when Pat and Ann first met in 1962 aged 15 and 16 respectively and 6 years later they were married. They grew up together, sharing so many memories and key life events. Next year, Pat and Ann will celebrate 50 years of marriage, their golden anniversary and the couple are happier than ever.

Surprise and Delight Winners Pat and Ann Wedding

Coping with heart-ache

However, their marriage has been no easy road. Their relationship has survived many ups and downs, most notably the loss of one of their children shortly after birth. Naturally, this was very tough on them both but their constant support for each other, coupled with the support from their family and friends, meant that they made it through this very difficult time. Today, they have five lovely children and grandchildren whom they adore.

Surprise and Delight Winners Pat and Ann

The prize

Electric Ireland are on a mission to brighten up our customers’ lives. Ann entered our competition looking to reward her husband Pat for all his love and care over the years of their happy marriage. We think stories of incredible loyalty like this deserve to be rewarded so we have arranged to send them on a trip to a hotel and spa. However, Electric Ireland want all of our customers to feel appreciated for their loyalty so we are offering them the best long term savings in the market. For more information and details on how to sign in and save see the link here.