LED v traditional fairy lights

Christmas tree with presents and a sleeping dog

The key to controlling your energy costs is understanding your energy usage, and by doing a lot of the little things, you can save hundreds off your electricity bill each year. We like to do little comparison tests like the hot water bottle v the electric blanket or normal light bulbs versus energy saving light bulbs and with Christmas just around the corner, we've compared LED versus ordinary Christmas lights and even we were surprised with the results...

Ordinary fairy lights cost 5 times more to run than their LED equivalent. Here's the math...

Typical running costs for say 200 LED fairy lights is 70 cent in total for 8 hours per day and for 30 days. If they were left switched on 24 x 7 then the total cost for 30 days would be € 2.10 approx.
Typical running costs for 200 ‘traditional’ fairy lights would be about 5 times the above i.e. €3.50 in total switched ‘on’ for 8 hours per day (30 days) and €10.50 for 24 x 7 (30 days)

So when the shops have the LED lights on sale in January, it's worth picking up a set.