Is Your Housemate an Energy Angel or an Energy Guzzler?

We’ve heard some great horror stories (!) about energy guzzling (and overly excessive energy angels) housemates over the years. We've gathered together some of our favourites. Are your housemates guilty of any of these?

Woman drying her hair with a hair dryerThe Hairdryer Heater

One housemate was feeling that extra bit colder at night and decided it would be a good idea to use the hairdryer that was plugged in beside her bed, as a quick way to warm herself up – obviously a very expensive way to get warm!

Did you know: If you used a hair dryer for 1 hour per week it would cost you €2.72 per bill, it all adds up!

Woman wearing oven gloves standing beside an ovenThe Oven Heater

One housemate was unwilling to wait for the central heating to heat up the room, so he used to turn on the electric oven with the door open to heat up the room instead(not something we would not recommend).

Did you know: If you use a standard electric oven for 5 hours per week, it will cost on average €7.15 per bill!

guy-in-shower-150x150 contentThe Shower Hogger

We all love to have long hot showers, but some people don’t realise that they can be quite costly. We’ve heard quite a few stories of housemates spending 30 minutes or longer under the shower every day.

Did you know: By cutting your shower time by 5 minutes per day, you can save €49 per year, so it may be worth a chat with your housemate!

For every horror story there is an energy angel housemate story too. You may be familiar with the 'lighting police' - the person who goes around turning off all the lights in the house (sometimes when you're still in the room!).