Darkness Into Light is not just a fundraiser or a walk for charity

Darkness Into Light committee member for Pieta House Michelle Cooke explains what makes this event so special.

On Saturday May 12th at 4.15am, hundreds of thousands of Irish people will wake up and walk with Pieta House to raise essential funds for suicide prevention, suicide bereavement and self-harm. As a proud partner of the annual Darkness Into Light event, now in its tenth year, Electric Ireland spoke to Pieta House committee member Michelle Cooke who explains what makes the walk such a special experience.

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 “You are out in the middle of the night and enjoying the silence while you walk down to the venue… The earth is so quiet around you and everything is just starting to wake up little by little, there is a thrill in that. There is something about it that connects deep inside you and with the people around you. You could be just the right person to walk beside somebody who asks you not to ask any questions. They have something to carry and they just need you to help them along the way. You feel that there is so much more going on at the Darkness Into Light walks than you can understand. But you can feel it. The words of hope, self-care, solidarity, compassion, gain a new, more defined meaning in your head. Seeing all those people waking up so early, all voluntarily, out of concern for others makes you feel reenergized and hopeful for humanity. I think sometimes when you struggle and you are in a dark place it can be very isolating and lonely, but when you do something like Darkness Into Light you can walk back into that place inside yourself to deal with it and know you are not alone anymore. It’s not just a fundraiser or a walk for charity. I think it’s because it starts so early you are kind of half-sleeping, half-awake and you feel a little more vulnerable, there is something more in that, something more spiritual. The vision of Darkness Into Light can be only created by the crowds of people who care about each other and they take home this vision with them and keep it alive wherever they go.”

Sign up for Darkness Into Light on Saturday May 12th at 4.15am. To find your local venue and register visit www.darknessintolight.ie. Sign up before May 4th to receive your t-shirt. Registering for Darkness Into Light provides vital funds for Pieta House right across the country.


If you or a loved one ever need help, call Pieta House on the Freephone number 1800 247 247.


Thanks to Peter from Humans of Dublin for taking the time out to talk with Michelle.