Appliance Angst - The Tumble Dryer

Clothes in tumbledryerAlmost everyone has appliance anxiety about using their tumble dryer. ''It costs a fortune" your dad would say when he caught you using it to dry your favourite jeans. This adage stays with you into your adult years and plays over and over in your head every time you dare to use it.

So was your dad right? How much does a tumble dryer actually cost to run?

Typically a Tumble dryer costs 50 cents to dry a 5kg average load of clothes. For the same 50 cent you can....

  • Cook your roast lamb in an electric oven for 3 hours
  • Boil two full kettles of water each day for 8 days
  • Watch TV for 4 hours per night for a week (modern large screen TV)
  • Use the hairdryer for 10 minutes a day for 2 months

Be #EnergySmart...

In order to save money on electricity, it's not necessarily about blanket banning certain appliances, but rather understanding your electricity usage.