All You Need To Know About Pay As You Go Gas

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There is a lot of talk of lately about people moving to pay as you go options for their energy as a means of controlling costs. With the gas bill being one of the largest household costs, particularly during the winter months, a move to Pay As You Go gas is a hassle free way to manage costs. The gas unit rate is the same as our standard gas rate and there is a standing charge of .25c per day. In this post we discuss all you need to know in considering Pay As You Go gas as a lifestyle choice option.


How does it work?

Once the meter is installed you will receive a gas card which you insert in the meter. You can top up the card with credits at any payzone outlet (click here for a full list of retailers - there is a payzone outlet within 3km of everyone in Ireland). There is a minimum top up amount of €10.

How much does it cost to get a meter installed?

The Pay As You Go meter is installed by a Gas Networks Ireland fitter. There is a once off charge of €110.35 Inc VAT and it takes around 45 minutes.
If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you may be eligible for a free Pay As You Go gas meter. Please contact us on 1800 30 50 90 for more information and the assessment criteria.

What if I can’t get to a payzone outlet and my credit is low?

When your meter falls below a certain level, you will be offered emergency credit of €5, which comes off the next time you top up.

Is the rate more expensive?

No, our Pay As You Go gas prices are the same as standard gas price plan. You pay a standing charge of 25c on a daily basis.

How much can I save?

To answer this question we asked one of our customers for their experience of switching to pay as you go gas and this is what she said..

"I saved between €70-€100 in the first year just by being more conscious of what I spend. I also only ever turn the heating when I’m in the house – I don’t use the timer."

Should I switch?

Switching to a Pay As You Go Meter will mean you do not receive any more gas bills, just usage statements, so you only spend what you can afford. It has been a popular choice with customers who prefer the lifestyle choice of knowing exactly what they are spending each month and being in complete control of their financial outgoings.

Click here to find out more or call 1800 372 372 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.