8 key takeaways from the UCD Business Breakfast with Bobby Kerr

Bobby Kerr UCB Business Breakfast

2016 marks the 5th anniversary of UCD Smurfit Business School’s partnership with Electric Ireland. As part of the joint venture, the UCD Marketing Development Programme (MDP) & Electric Ireland held its first business breakfast of the year in The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin.

Speaking at the breakfast, Irish entrepreneur and founder of Insomnia Coffee Company Bobby Kerr gave his insights into leadership and innovation in a competitive marketplace.

Drawing from his experience with a number of successful Irish start-ups, Bobby spoke of the importance of remaining creative and innovative when operating in a competitive market. “Our customers drive our business. It is important to have a value proposition and value doesn’t have to mean cheap. Value means offering customers something so good that keeps them coming through the door”. He attributes his success to a number of key factors including setting realistic goals and targets, having a real brand strategy and the importance of integrity.

Bobby Kerr UCD Business Breakfast

So what else can we learn from the founder of Ireland's largest coffee chain and businessman Bobby Kerr? We've rounded up some of the key takeaways and learning's from his speech and included some of the best below. You can also see all the action from the event by following the hashtag #CoffeeWithKerr.

Top 8 takeaways from Bobby Kerr speech:

  1.  “Never think you’re smarter than the customer”
  2. “You will learn more from your mistakes than from your achievements”
  3. “People will work to your standards if you're willing to work alongside them”
  4. “The game is won or lost in business where the consumer interacts with your brand”
  5. “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not doing anything”
  6. “Innovation is not all about something new, it’s about really looking at your business and seeing what you can do”
  7. “Partnerships are the key growth strategy”
  8. “Value does not mean cheap, it means well priced”

What was your favourite takeaway from the event? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting with the hashtag #CoffeeWithKerr.