5 minutes with Alan George, the star of our new Minor's GAA ad

GAA player Alan George pictured in Electric Ireland ad for GAA Minor Championships

We went behind the scenes of our new GAA Minor's Ad to talk to the star Ballymun Kickhams Minor player, Alan George, to find out what playing Minors is really like. Here's what he said in 140 characters or less..

This TV Ad has been your first experience of acting; would you consider it as a future career?

Yes, it was my first taste of acting but I would definitely not consider it as a career. I was just cast off the street so just got lucky with this one.

You currently play Minor for your club, Ballymun Kickhams, what position do you play in?

Full Back

What or who encouraged you to play GAA?

All my brothers play it and my parents are big followers of GAA. It is also a great sport to play with friends.

Would you consider GAA to be a family tradition for you?

My family are big into the GAA. My brothers play it and there is strong family history on my mother’s side. My father’s side is big into soccer but they still follow the GAA closely.

When you’re not busy on the pitch or training, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to kick back and relax with a nice Chinese takeaway. It is something that I definitely always look forward to when I'm not training.

You’re still in secondary school at the minute, what year are you in?

I am just heading into 6th Year in September so I’ll have a busy year ahead with exams and studying.

Do you know what you would like to do when you finish?

My main aim is to keep playing football and hopefully after all my training etc. I’ll be on the Dublin Senior team in the future.

Do you play any other sports besides GAA?

Not at the minute. I used to play soccer - centre back position but I gave that up. My heart is with the good old GAA.

In the sporting environment, who would you class as a true inspiration for young players?

That would have to be my best mate Aaron Dowling. He plays GAA for the school team but he’s one that people would look up to and admire especially for his talent.

Did you enjoy taking part in this TV ad or were you a bit nervous?

I was a bit nervous to be honest because I have never done anything like this before but it's not too bad when you don't have to speak!!

If you could take a sportsperson from outside of the GAA and turn them into a Ballymun Kickhams player, who would you choose and why?

That’s a difficult one – there are too many to pick from – I’d easily make a full team.

If you could swap jerseys with any one player in Ireland after a match, who would you like to swap with?

Stephen Cluxton - Dublin GAA goalkeeper

If you could be a GAA player of your choice for the day, who would it be?

Michael Darragh McAuley - Dublin GAA player

You have friends that play Minor for Dublin, who are they?

Conor Kavanagh, Glen Doyle & Aaron Elliot

When your friends are playing Minor games for Dublin, do you go and watch their games?

I would love to but unfortunately I live in Laois so I can't make the games.

Would you like the opportunity to play Minor for Dublin one day?

It would be a dream - it is one of my main aims at the minute.

Alan stars in the new Electric Ireland GAA Minor Championship Ad #ThisIsMajor