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My bill is too high/low

Here are several reasons why your bill may be higher or lower than you expected.

Estimated bill

ESB Networks look after reading your meter and they plan to read all residential meters four times a year. This means that, where possible, four bills will be based on actual readings and two will be calculated using estimated readings. Our bills are estimated based on previous usage.

You will also get an estimated bill if ESB Networks have not been able to access your home to take a meter reading.

We will adjust your bill when your next actual metered bill is calculated, or you can submit a meter reading online.

Actual reading

Your previous bills have been estimated, and your current bill is based on an actual reading. If the estimate was higher or lower than your actual consumption, this bill will reflect the difference between the estimate and what was actually used.

Longer billing period

Under normal circumstances, your bill is issued every 61 days, but this may vary. Check the number of billing days on your bill when you are making comparisons to previous bills to see if both bills cover the same number of days.

Change in consumption level

You may be using more electricity than normal. Compare the number of units used on this bill to previous bills from the same month in past years.

Time of year

The way you use electricity tends to be different depending on the time of year. Consumption is usually higher in winter than in summer.

Change in electricity prices

Electricity prices may have increased or decreased since your last bill. Take a look at your previous bills and check if the unit rates have changed to reflect new prices.

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