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Pay As You Go Gas

A gas prepayment meter means that you can now pay for the gas in your home as you use it, putting you in control of how much you spend. Our Pay As You Go gas option is a simple and hassle free way to manage costs. If you are finding it hard to pay your gas bills and your account is in arrears then, we do not charge anything extra for providing Pay As You Go meters. There is also an emergency credit of €5.00 available to you should you need it. Our Pay As You Go rate is the same as our standard gas rate and comes with a daily standing charge to make it easier to understand how much you’re paying.

We offer two Pay As You Go Gas meter options

  1. Pay As You Go Gas

    If you are finding it hard to pay your gas bills, and your account is in arrears. Please contact us at 1850 372 372 and we will discuss this option with you.

  2. Pay As You Go Choice

    If you currently have a Pay As You Go gas meter with another gas supplier, then why not switch to Electric Ireland today by calling us on 1850 30 50 90.

    If you currently do not have a PAYG gas meter and would prefer to budget for your future gas bills; Pay as You Go Choice can help you. Please contact us at 1850 30 50 90 or email to find out more.

Have a look at our Pay As You Go Gas Welcome Pack (PDF | 1MB)

Frequently asked questions about Pay As You Go gas

How does the Pay As You Go meter work?

Once the meter is installed you will receive a gas card which you insert in the meter. You can top up the card with credits at any Payzone outlet. Click here for a full list of retailers. - A Payzone outlet is within 3km of everyone in Ireland. There is a minimum top up amount of €10 Payzone Logo

How can I get a Pay As You Go meter installed at my home?

Contact us on 1850 30 50 90 and we will arrange to have the Pay As You Go meter installed in your home. A Gas Networks Ireland fitter will then install the meter which takes around 45 minutes. The fitter/technician will:

  • Install and test the meter to make sure everything is working properly
  • Show you how to use the meter & explain about your emergency credit
  • Give you your own gas card which you must put into the meter BEFORE you go to Payzone to buy your first credit.
  • Give you a brochure with all the information you need on your Pay As You go gas meter. Please note: Pay AS You Go Meters cannot be installed in some apartments or under stairwells
How much does it cost to get a Pay As You Go meter installed?

The Pay As You Go meter is installed by a Gas Networks Ireland fitter. There is a once off charge of €110.35 Inc VAT. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you may be eligible for a free Pay As You Go gas meter. Please contact us on 1850 372 372 for more information and the assessment criteria.

Can I bring my electricity over to Electric Ireland also, & can I get a discount for doing this?

Yes, we have a range of electricity and gas price plans which can offer you discounts for paying by direct debit, signing up to online billing or for choosing both gas and electricity from us. Please phone us at 1850 30 50 90 and we can discuss the best option for you.

Is the price of gas more expensive on a Pay As You Go meter?

The unit rate for Pay As You Go gas is the same as Electric Ireland’s standard gas price. Click here to view our Pay As You Go Choice price plan charges.

Will I still get bills if I have a Pay As You Go meter?

We will send you regular statements showing your payment, usage and balance if any.

What price plans are available with the Pay As You Go Gas Meter?

The Pay As You Go Choice price plan – so you can budget for your gas as you use it.

I have arrears on my gas bill; can I pay these with a Pay As You Go gas meter?

If you have arrears on your gas bill, and you have been unable to repay this debt with us, we may require you to choose a Pay As You Go gas meter to avoid disconnecting your gas supply.

In this case we will contact you before hand to explain that we need to change your meter and ensure that:

  1. it is safe and practical for you to operate a Pay As You Go meter and
  2. there is a suitable Payzone shop in your area so you can buy credit Payzone Logo

We will set the meter so that 25%** of the credit you buy is put towards the debt outstanding on your bill and the balance goes towards the unit price of gas and the daily standing charge. For example, if you top up by €10, €2.50 will go towards your arrears and €7.50 will go towards your general usage.

** This means that you will always have credit available for your general usage.

Where would I find a payzone outlet near me?

You can buy credit for your Pay As You Go meter at any shop or garage displaying the Payzone Logo logo. Visit to find your nearest outlet and opening times.

What do I need to bring to Payzone to buy credit?

Just bring your Gas Card together with your payment to the Payzone outlet. Please note that a minimum of €10 and a maximum of €50 applies per transaction. Please keep your receipt as a proof of purchase. Your gas card can hold up to €250 at any one time.Payzone Logo

What happens if my credit is low and I can’t get to a Payzone outlet?

If the credit on your meter runs low you will be offered the €5 emergency credit on your meter. This can be borrowed until you buy some more credit. The €5 will be deducted automatically from your next top up amount.

What do I do if I run out of credit?

When your meter falls below a certain level, you will be offered emergency credit of €5, which comes off the next time you top up.

I receive the Natural Gas allowance; can I request a Pay As You Go meter?

Yes, just contact us on 1850 372 372 so we can discuss this payment option with you.

What do I do if I move to a house with a Pay As You Go meter?

You can contact us on 1850 372 372 and our Customer Service Team will assist you

You can also contact our social customer care team on Facebook or Twitter

How do I put credit onto my gas meter?
  • Once you have bought credit for your Gas Card, insert the card into the prepayment meter.
  • Make sure the gold coloured chip on the card faces towards the meter display.
  • Press the red button. The display will show ‘Busy’.
  • Take out the Gas Card when ‘Busy’ is no longer displayed.
  • If an amount shows as ‘OWED’ on the display screen, this means that the meter will use some of your new credit. The meter display will then display how much money you have left for gas use.
What do all the numbers mean on the digital display on the meter?

00 Purchased Credit: How much money you last put into the meter.
03 For Credit: Amount available for gas (after debt, emergency credit etc is deducted)
04: Current time on the meter.
17: Daily amount deducted for Standing Charge - this is taken at 2 am. every day.
23 Gas Allocation Rate: Minimum % of credit given for normal use.
32 Reference Number: Last 6 characters from Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN).
33 Credit: Last Credit Adjustment applied by us.
34 Credit Used: Amount of credit used in the last seven days.
36 Emergency Credit Debt: Amount of Emergency Credit that has been used but not yet repaid.

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