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How billing works

Find out more about your Electric Ireland bills and how we charge for electricity.

Your bill

As a general rule, small and medium enterprise customers are billed every two months and larger electricity users are billed monthly.
Your Electric Ireland bills are based on actual and estimated meter readings.

Why estimated bills?

If you see an 'E' beside your meter reading on your bill, then you've received an estimated bill.

It is normal to receive two estimated bills each year, but you will also get an estimated bill if ESB Networks visit your premises to take a meter reading but are unable to gain access.

If this happens, you can submit a meter reading to us and we will issue a new bill, where appropriate.

What am I charged for?

You are charged for the cost of providing you with electricity and for the electricity you use. The rate you pay for your electricity depends on the price plan you are on. This is listed on your Electric Ireland bill.
Find out more about our price plans here.

Understand your bill

Confused by some of the charges on your Electric Ireland bill? Get a detailed explanation of your bill here.

Find out more

  1. Avoid estimated bills. Find out how to read your meter and submit your own meter reading
  2. Questions? Email us, déan teagmháil linn or call 1850 372 787.