COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Dedicated to Helping our Customers

Electric Ireland wants to help our 1.1 million customers as much as possible given the unprecedented impact of COVID-19. We are working hard to ensure that energy is one less worry at this time.

In a message to our customers, Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director, Electric Ireland says:

"In light of the current COVID-19 situation we want to reassure you that we will continue to provide our customers in 1.1 million homes and businesses around the country the services they need and will try to preserve ‘business-as-usual’ as much as we can. That said, we know that many of our customers may experience financial difficulties and uncertainty in the coming weeks. We have put a number of initiatives in place to help customers and will provide as much care and understanding as we can in the coming weeks and months. We would ask our customers who are less affected and who can pay to please do so to allow us to be as flexible as possible with those who cannot."

How we are helping our customers

Price reduction for homes
We recently announced that we are reducing our prices. From 1st April, electricity rates will be reduced by 2.5% and gas by 11.5%, for every customer across the country.

Customers in difficulty
We know that many of our customers may experience financial difficulties and uncertainty at this time. If you, or someone you know, is concerned about paying a bill, we ask that you contact us at an early stage and we will work together to reach a solution.

Pay As You Go Customers
We are offering medically-vulnerable customers, who are on a Pay As You Go plan, the option to change to a credit system, to help ensure their energy supply remains unaffected.

For PAYG electricity customers, there are many ways to purchase credit and they are largely unaffected by the current crisis. However, if you are having difficulties, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with practical support.

Gas Boiler Repairs
Electric Ireland is continuing to provide emergency services for Gas Boiler repairs. If your Gas Boiler is out of order in any way and you have no heat please contact 1850 372 333 and we will be happy to organise a call out from our Gas Boiler service team.

Social distancing
Given the importance of social distancing, we have suspended face-to-face sales activity. In addition, our technicians will only come to your house for necessary maintenance, to repair a fault or to ensure your supply of energy continues.

In keeping with social distancing, all meter readings have been suspended at this time. In the interim, we will estimate customers’ usage. Alternatively, you can also submit your meter reading by phone or through Your Online Account.

Our team
Right now, we are working in accordance with HSE and best practice advice to maximise the safety of our employees, our agents and our customers. As a result, most of our staff are now working remotely, and the systems and processes we have in place to ensure business continuity are helping them adjust to this “new normal” working environment.

We continue to provide all normal services at present. However, if Covid-19 causes us to have to work at a reduced capacity, or if we anticipate a delay in service, we will let you know directly, and we’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding.

As you know, the coronavirus situation is still evolving rapidly, so at Electric Ireland we will continue to review the best course of action on a daily basis, with customer care and support at the heart of our decisions. We are working hard to minimise disruption at this difficult time and thank you very much for your co-operation and patience.

Residential Customer Services (ROI)

It’s business as usual at Electric Ireland and we want to reassure you that our customer care team and online services are operating as normal. We are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and will keep you up to date on our plans as they develop.

If you have any questions at this time, visit our comprehensive Help Centre where you may find the answers you are looking for or alternatively contact us.

Online Services for ROI Residential Customers


Electricity and Gas Products

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Pay as you go top up

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PAYG Gas customer information

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Frequently Asked Questions

ROI Residential Customers

PAYG Customers

1. How to top up my PAYG Gas meter?

We want to ensure that you will have the gas you need for your heating and cooking requirements. That’s why we’d like to remind you to make sure your Gas meter is adequately topped up. You can do this by buying credit in a Post Office or any shop or garage which displays the PostPoint or Payzone logos. Unfortunately, it is not possible for any Gas Pay As You Go Meter customers (regardless of supplier) to top up online or through a call centre. Please visit, or for a list of your nearest stores and opening times.

2. How to top up my PAYG Electricity meter?

There are multiple ways to top up your Electricity PAYG meter including online, by text or over the counter, to see our help page for all top up options for PAYG Electricity.

3. What is “Emergency Credit”?

Think of emergency credit as an IOU. If you don’t have time to top up before your credit runs out, we’ll offer you €10 emergency credit when your meter goes below €3. This will give you more time to buy a top up. More information including details on "credit friendly hours" is available in our online help centre.

Billpay Customers

1. How and when to submit meter reading?

Please submit meter reading within three working days of receiving an estimated bill electricity or gas bill if the actual reading is not in line with the estimated reading on your bill. You can submit your meter reading in Your Account Online.

2. How can I view and download my bills online?

Your bills for the past two years are available to download at anytime in Your Account Online.

3. What to I do if I have no power?

If you have no power you can check for updates on the fault is expected to be repaired at or on the ESB PowerCheck App for iPhone or Android devices. If your fault is not logged on PowerCheck you can report it on ESB Networks website.

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Business Customer Services (ROI)

It’s business as usual at Electric Ireland and we want to reassure you that our customer care team and online services are operating as normal. We are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and will keep you up to date on our plans as they develop.

Our customer service centre will be operating during normal business hours, in line with HSE and WHO recommendations. We apologise for any small delays you may experience. Our call centre will remain open and you can contact us on 1850 372 787 from 9am to 5:30pm.

Online Services for ROI Business Customers

Our online self-service platform, Business Online, will remain fully operational and we encourage all customers to register/login to get access to the full suite of account management tools. Please visit our comprehensive help section, where you will find guides for using Business Online and answers to the most commonly asked questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

ROI Business Customers

1. Can I view my business bills online?

Yes, you can view bills for up to seven years in Business Online. Additionally, you can make card payments, submit meter readings and view detailed consumption reports. If you have not registered for Business Online, you can do so here.

2. Can I pay my business bills in equal monthly instalments?

Yes, with Equaliser payment option, you can setup a monthly equal monthly payments. Learn more about Business Equaliser.

3. What are your opening hours and how do I contact you?

To see our opening hours and contact methods please see our business contact page.

4. How does this effect the management of my flexible electricity and gas contract?

We encourage you to self-serve where possible with Flexible Product Manager which is available via Business online. Our trading service will be available during business hours as normal however our trading desk will only respond to customer queries via email until further notice.

5. My bill seems higher than normal, what should I do?

Your bill may be based on an estimated reading or there may be other factors involved. Read more about the potential reasons in our online help centre.

6. What is the Demand Charge and how is it calculated?

Heat PuA Demand Charge applies to large businesses on the Low Voltage Maximum Demand price plan. The charge relates to each unit of electricity used during the hours of 17:00-19:00 Monday to Friday during the Winter months: (1st November – End of February, inclusive). Read more information about this charge and how it works in our online help centre.

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If you are a Residential or Business customer in Northern Ireland, please visit our dedicated Northern Ireland website