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Lighting Audits

Lighting Energy Audits

Why is good lighting necessary?

Good lighting makes good business sense. It can also make a positive contribution to safety and productivity.

Lighting loads as a percentage of a customer’s overall energy consumption vary for different industries. In heavy industry, lighting loads are about 7%, and in light industry the lighting load accounts for about 15%. While in commercial properties the lighting load can be as high as 40%.

Three attributes of good lighting …

  1. Must be the right light (correct choice of light source, correct luminance etc.)
  2. Needs to be in the right place (directing the light, efficiency of light fittings etc.)
  3. Should be used at the right time (time control, daylight switching/linking to e.g. lux sensors, occupancy sensors etc.)

How can we help you?

Electric Ireland can undertake a lighting energy audit in your plant in order to reduce the electricity you consume through lighting (and therefore reduce your CO2 emissions), but also to improve the quality of lighting. A full report is then presented to you to enable you to fully understand where savings and improvements can be made.