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Auditing and Consultancy

Industrial and Commercial Energy Audits and Consultancy

At Electric Ireland, we understand your energy needs and usage more than anyone else. Our understanding and experience comes from decades of collaboration, service, innovation and partnership between us and businesses of all types and sizes, all over Ireland.

What we have delivered to businesses all over Ireland …

  • Reduced Costs
  • Lower CO2 Emissions
  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Competitiveness
  • Enhanced Working Environments

Our range of energy audit and consultancy services

We provide our industrial and commercial customers with an end-to-end service in three distinct stages.

1. Firstly, we utilise energy auditing and feasibility studies to help identify opportunities to save energy, reduce costs, environmental impact and carbon footprint of your organisation.

2. At this stage, we offer a range of services depending upon your specific requirements, and these include …

  • independent energy audits
  • feasibility studies
  • building, process and energy simulation studies
  • building energy assessment
  • thermal modelling
  • carbon footprint assessments
  • power and heat generation, transmission and distribution design
  • advice on procurement and finance options.

3. Then, on completion of the project or programme, our team provide the services to put appropriate management systems and tools in place. These services range from monitoring and verification studies to installation of our Energy Monitoring and Targeting solution, and include the following ...

  • energy management services;
  • LEAN/Six Sigma for Energy Efficiency;
  • energy monitoring and targeting systems;
  • monitoring and verification of savings; and
  • quality assurance.