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Electric Ireland GAA Minor #GAAThisIsMajor

Check out our new Electric Ireland GAA Minor Championship campaign celebrating Minor Moments.

The Electric Ireland GAA Minor Moments Podcast!

Subscribe to the “GAA Minor Moments” Podcast brought to you by Electric Ireland for fascinating stories from some of Ireland’s sporting greats! This unique show will feature well known stars who share their memories and reflect on defining moments of playing minor for their county. Each week we will be joined by a new guest from our star-studded line-up which includes; Jamesie O’Connor, Niall Quinn, Sean Cavanagh, Mick Galway and many more! Our guests shed light on some great personal stories and reflect on how that period has helped shaped their life.

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Minor Moments Relived

Electric Ireland has sponsored the GAA All-Ireland Minor Championships since 2012. Over the course of this year’s Electric Ireland GAA Minor Championship season, we will be airing a new online content series called ‘Electric Ireland: Minor Moments Relived’. The video series will feature former Minor players as well as past Minor teammates, taking a trip down memory lane, looking back at the ‘Minor Moments’ from their Minor playing days which had a profound impact on their lives as they moved into adulthood.

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A look back on the Electric Ireland GAA Minor Championships

Take a look back on some of the best Football and Hurling action from previous years of the Electric Ireland GAA Minor Championships! #GAAThisIsMajor

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Stay up to date with all the latest action from the Electric Ireland GAA Minor Championships!

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The defining moments of the Minors aren’t necessarily the ones you might expect. Of course, everyone remembers the big matches, but it’s the minor moments that matter most to players - like the moment they found out they had made the panel, wearing their new kit for the first time, or finally being called off the bench. These memories mean a lot, which is why this year’s This Is Major campaign is all about championing those seemingly minor moments in our Minor’s lives.

It’s the Minor Moments that Last a Lifetime

Follow all the action and be a part of the conversation around the Electric Ireland GAA Minor Championships on social media @ElectricIreland and through using #GAAThisIsMajor

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